A Real Life Remodel in Tempe, Arizona

Why a new floor can mean so much more to your overall space.

There’s an old piece of wisdom that says it’s worth spending money on things that come between you and the ground – and with good reason. Shoes, mattresses, car tires, and most certainly, flooring for your house, all have a daily impact on your life, making them some of the few things it actually pays not to skimp on.

The benefits of quality flooring and professional installation aren’t just all about the visual appeal either; oftentimes quality flooring can provide a safer and cleaner living environment than cheap, outdated, or discounted flooring, as well as increasing a home’s desirability and resale value on the market. Today, we’re going to show you an example of a simple floor remodel and installation, and how changing this one aspect of any room can work wonders for your space.

Flooring Before & After Pictures

Flooring Before and After Pictures

Before and After Pictures of Flooring

Type of Flooring

First, let’s talk about the material chosen for this floor remodel and why it works. Believe it or not, according to an article from Massachusetts Real Estate News, wood flooring has taken over tile, linoleum, or any other material as the preferred choice for homebuyers in the kitchen. Not only is hardwood functional–its durable, long-lasting, and provides comfortable standing conditions for time spent cooking on your feet–it’s also fashionable, offering rooms a timeless high-end look that never goes out of style. Plus, because of the horizontal lines it creates like in the kitchen pictured above, it can make a space that may be of an less-than-ideal size appear large and more luxurious.


Wood Color

Equally as important as the material choice for this remodel is the chosen color of the wood. Hardwood is famous for the literal tens of thousands of color shades it can be, but the blonde oak chosen here was a smart choice for a variety of reasons. First, the color beautifully complements the light granite countertops to help create an airy feeling of space, which is essential in a galley kitchen of limited size. Secondly, lighter materials such as this oak really reflect natural light well, which, while plentiful thanks to the window at the end of the room, was not being used to its full advantage by the tile choice of the previous remodeler.

The color is also the perfect choice to blend the kitchen and dining spaces together into one cohesive space – something that the cold, sterile feeling of the previous tile didn’t do. Now, thanks to the wood uniting the two spaces, the open concept of the kitchen/dining room plays out loud and clear, creating a feature space of the home that the homeowner, or potential homebuyer, will love.

HGTV tells us that the number one request for homebuyers and renters in a potential home is hardwood flooring, and this gorgeous new remodel shows you why. A space that was drab and less-than-stellar has turned into a gorgeous entertaining space that is both functional and desirable.