Floor Coverings International Chandler is delighted to unveil the latest installment in our Blogger Influencer Interview Series. Nadine Bubeck is an author, blogger, PR professional, and writer for a handful of publications and websites.

nadine bubeck

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Please tell us a little about yourself.

I’m a Scottsdale, Arizona-based boy mama and former TV News Anchor. Ever since becoming a mom, I’ve decided to work from home, gifting myself the luxury of being available for my kids, and honoring my entrepreneurial spirit. I’m often utilized as a parenting contributor on TV, in addition to owning, designing and operating an apparel line: Mama B. Designs. In addition, I’m an author, blogger, PR professional, and writer for a handful of publications and websites. I love the flexibility of my jobs, as they are professionally and personally fulfilling (plus I don’t miss any “kid time” with my sons).

Tell us how your clothing line is helping contribute to the March of Dimes.

Mama B. Designs is my boutique apparel line- our goal: to stylishly spread prematurity awareness. After a rocky pregnancy, I had my first son 6 weeks early, and I was overcome with gratitude that he was born totally healthy. (Plus, only a 7-night stay in the NICU.) Since that experience, I’ve wanted to give back, instilling in my sons in the importance of finding a passion and paying it forward. And so, Mama B. Designs offers a unique and inspirational “Miracle Line” offering clothing for men, women and kids. 50% of each item goes towards the foundation.

Also worth mentioning, we offer an array of additional collections (such as twinning mommy + me options for moms and sons). Our “blessed” top is quite popular, as is our “boy mamas have more fun” design. (www.mamabdesigns.com)

Discuss your review-type blogs, features and offerings.

I love to write- it’s always been my passion. As a result, I am grateful to act as a lifestyle/parenting contributor for websites and magazines. I really enjoy doing product reviews and finding what’s cool, new and trending for moms, kids and families (spanning style, tech, toys and more). In addition, I write for Kidtripster.com, an online luxury travel website. In our family, travel is a priority, so it’s awesome to experience and review amazing hotels, destinations and hot spots.

Do you follow any other blogs for inspiration?  If so, which ones?

I am always following an array of writers and bloggers. While many people surf Facebook for status updates, I peruse social media for interesting content. I admire so many people- especially women and moms- who reveal such candid, relatable accounts about every day life. I feel moms have created an inspirational digital presence, giving readers, such as myself, a virtual pseudo friendship and sisterhood.

What remains your concentration?

I am adamant about generating brand awareness surrounding Mama B. Designs. We value new and repeat customers, and take pride in offering cute, comfortable high quality tanks, tops and tees. I’m extremely appreciative to all media outlets and influencers helping us spread “the word.”

What is your favorite type of flooring and why?

We live in Arizona, and I have little kids, so anything that’s cool on our feet, easy to clean, and appealing to the eye.