Why? Where? When? Wood?

Gem Lake Porcelain Tiles

Gem Lake Porcelain Tiles

Tile, aside from being one of the most readily available flooring products on the market today, is also one of the most historic and longest lasting, with its roots going back all the way to Ancient Egypt. In fact, according to the World Floor Coverings Association, tile has been an essential tool for indoor and outdoor decorating for thousands of years, and can be found in some of the world’s most legendary landmarks. Every society, from the mathematicians of the Middle East, to the Renaissance figures of Middle Ages Europe made tile an integral part of their design esthetics, and today’ we’ll show you why it was the perfect choice for them, and remains the perfect choice for you.

Why Should You Choose Tile?

Let’s start with the basics: unlike many materials we use for flooring today, tile is almost always made from a natural material – most commonly fire-hardened clay or cut stone. It’s an eco-friendly product that is known for its durability and longevity, holding its own even in extreme areas with lots of traffic, diverse environmental changes (like temperature and humidity), and exposure to various other possible harms.

Tile has wide variety of benefits to consumers and it starts with affordability. One of the most common flooring surfaces on the market today, tile’s vast array of availability and material choices make it one of the most affordable and customizable options consumers can choose. Tile’s unique look can also come directly from its origin material (in the case of various types of stone) or can be fired, textured, and glazed to create almost any shade of color or pattern you can imagine. This allows consumers with any taste or design palate to find tile that will complement their project and improve their space.

Where Should Tile Be Installed?

We all know the common places to find tile flooring in homes, but we may not know why we find them there. Let’s take a quick look at tile’s most prominent placements, and why it’s the ideal choice around the house.

Kitchen Tile Installation in Scottsdale

When we think of tile in a home, the kitchen is almost always the first place we think of, and there’s good reason. On a practical level, tile is ideal flooring for your kitchen: it stands up to moisture and liquids, is easy to clean, can be odor and stain resistant, and can easily be sanitized with a wide variety of household cleaners. Plus, tile can provide a scratch-proof flooring surface for kitchens designed with entertaining in mind – with worry free stool, chair, and table use just one of its many benefits.

On an esthetic level, tile’s unique customization options and wide array of color, texture, pattern, and glazing options make it suitable for almost every kitchen design – classic or modern. It can also be used to create stunning one-of-a-kind floors that double as art installations, or be employed to add a sleek base to any innovative cooking space. Tile’s application is so diverse, it also makes a great countertop material, and an eye-catching backdrop, and can even be used in unique ways (like covering the sides of an island) to help give any kitchen a look unlike any other in the neighborhood.

Bathroom Tile Installation in Scottsdale

If the subject of tile floors didn’t put you in mind of the kitchen, it most definitely did of the bathroom. Its ease of use and wide array of color options has made it a favorite for the most used room in our house since toilets came inside, and its continued evolution of unique colors and patterns make it an essential component to every designer loo. For an ultra-modern looking bathroom, designers use the same tile on the floor and in the shower, creating the illusion of space and helping to make the bathroom look large and luxurious.

For the same reason tile is popular in kitchen, it’s popular in the bathroom: it’s ability to stand up to water, to repel bacteria, and easy cleaning routine make it the hands-down best choice.

Dining Room/Kitchen/Family Room Tile Installation in Scottsdale

Wait a minute…Tile in the dining room? Bedroom? Family room? Aren’t these areas usually reserved for carpet or wood flooring? Now with the hottest thing in tile, you can bring this incredibly diverse flooring into any room in your house thanks to gorgeous tile flooring that’s made to look like some of the most popular woods on the market.

Wood flooring can be a beautiful addition to any home, but it’s no secret that it’s not always the easiest thing to take care of. Susceptible to scratches from furniture, wear from overuse, and warping from intense environmental changes like humidity or moisture, many people want the look but don’t want to have to pay for the upkeep, and that’s where this whole new line of tile that looks like wood flooring comes in. This stylized tile can perfectly mimic almost any shade of wood flooring, giving you the appearance of your favorite hardwoods without the hassle of the lengthy installation process or the fragility that some wood floors can bring. It truly is the best of both words, and will leave you will a stunning floor that will be a showpiece in your house for years to come.

When Should You Install Tile?

There has never been a better time to add an incredible tile floor to your home than now. Whether you’re looking to add a durable, easily cleanable, and long-lasting design to your favorite common place, or are in search of a way to make your new remodel really stand out, Floor Coverings International has a wide variety of discount tile options that will not only suit your needs, but will also suit your budget. Everything from large gorgeous Sandstone tiles to hard word-mimicking ceramic is available at a great price, ready to be installed by professionals. If you’re ready to upgrade your space, let the experts at Floor Coverings International, and their incredible selection, be your first call.

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