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We provide top of the line carpet installation options in Phoenix, AZ

If you’ve had a carpet installation project done in the past few years and are looking to upgrade, you may be surprised if the options are slightly different. This is because carpet technologies and options are always changing, and the information about carpet installation may be difficult to interpret.

However, as a highly trusted and locally-owned residential and commercial flooring provider, Floor Coverings International of Scottsdale will help you select and install high-quality carpet that meets your unique needs. Our national buying power, direct relationships with top carpet manufacturers, and personalized services ensure that you are given a variety of options at a fantastic value.

There is an almost endless array of colors, textures and styles of carpet, which can help you achieve the look and feel you are after. Our Design Associates will help you enhance the personality of any room in your house using tailored designed, plush textures and different patterns. Your desired style and budget will guide our advice so we can find your best options and meet your carpet needs. Be sure to check our online product gallery to review all of your options!

Why Should I Install Carpet?

  • Carpet is comfortable and soft, adding warmth to any room in your house.
  • Carpet absorbs sounds, which makes it an excellent flooring choice for hallways and bedrooms.
  • There are many pet-friendly carpet options that protect against stains or make vacuuming hair much easier.
  • Carpet is relatively easy to care for, requiring only periodic maintenance.

We’ve teamed up with Shaw, STAINMASTER and additional carpet brands in order to offer the finest items paired with excellent value. Our Design Associates in Glendale, AZ stand ready to help you with your carpet installation project.

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